Firefox and the Gecko environment

The Mozilla environment is made of Gecko, XULRunner and Firefox or Firefox OS.

  1. Gecko is the HTML display engine, and also the browser of Firefox OS, while Gaia is the user interface.
  2. XULRunner is the interpreter of XUL code in Gecko, the language d'interface of Firefox and also of Web or local applications.
  3. Firefox the web browser based on Gecko run HTML 5 applications.

Firefox will it switch to WebKit?
The question was asked after the switch of the Opera browser to this renderer.

Firefox OS, the web without Windows
Mozilla wants to inspire  Web browser publishers to allow to make more complete applications.

Immersive applications with XUL?
XUL can it enjoy the fresh start of the Metro interface on Windows 8, to provide an alternative to Microsoft?

Extensions for developers
The main purpose is to display the status of exchange between the browser and the server, and editing JavaScript, CSS.

Firefox extensions to improve user experience
To enjoy surfing...

What is Chromeless?
Web applications on the desktop.

Prism, a launcher for Web applications on the desktop is replaced by Chromeless.

Chromeless or Chrome?
Comparison of the two tools, which one is best suited to run web applications locally?


Why use Seamonkey?
The Internet suite is comprised of all main Web tools and includes an HTML editor.

Flock, social browser and blog editor (now abandoned)
It was a tool for the social Web and for feed management and blog editing.

Cloudlet, a wizard for Google. Adds a tag cloud to search results. Very useful.

Prefetch with Firefox, when the user reads a page, Firefox silently load another!

Firefox chronology

Firefox 4. More oriented toward Web applications, it extends HTML 5 and SVG support.

Firefox 3.6. A quicker startup and a more responsiveness interface.

Firefox 3.5. The new browser has a better support to HTML 5, Ajax and implements new features in CSS and DOM.

Firefox 3. New features of the browser. Analyzing support for offline applications.

Firefox 2 extensions contest, the winners. The jury that included James Jesse Garrett have selected 15 extensions.

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