Firefox 3.6

The version 3.6 of Firefox is a transitional version that will especially improve comfort of use. His code name is Namoroka, which is a national park created in 1927 in Madagascar.

It incorpores the rendering engine Gecko 1.9.2.

Faster startup

The main shortcoming of Firefox over all its competitors is the waiting time before the browser is running.
Yet we can not compare it with Internet Explorer because it is loaded when Windows starts and remains in memory even when it is closed, but other competitors have managed to reduce the loading time to almost nothing.

With this version 3.6 Mozilla addresses this load time.


The interface will change radically only with the version 3.7. In this version it is possible to hide the menu bar more easily to save screen space.

Customizing the software with themes is also easier with Personas which changes the background of tool bars. This makes the text difficult to read and we get back quickly to the default background.

The format WOFF for compressed fonts facilitates the loading of fonts on a remote site with the @font-face descriptor.


When you install an extension, it is no longer necessary to restart the browser to make it operational.

Another facility to extend the software is that you can run services on other Web sites without going over them.


The TraceMonkey JavaScript compiler is faster.
The browser as a whole is more responsive.


The File interface is implemented. It allows to upload data to a web application with ease.

Also supported are video, drag and drop API. Youtube and Vimeo have added support to HTML 5.


Support for CSS 3 is supplemented with the functions of gradient for background images and background size.

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