Winners of the Extend Firefox 2 Contest

The results of the contest were announced on March 12 and best extensions according to the jury, which included J. J. Garrett, the inventor of the term Ajax, are provided below.

Most of these extensions (those winning at least) were here for a long time, so congratulations from the organizers to candidates to have provided the software on time seem rather superfluous.

The top three extensions

Minimap Sidebar

This extension adds a map in the sidebar. This map will synchronize with the addresses found in web pages.

Sameplace Instant Messenger

It is a messaging software that integrates with Firefox, whose goal is to centralize in the browser all services.


Used to transmit to bookmark sites or emails URLs of the pages you visit.

The other winners

12 other extensions have been winning:


The extensions I use daily, are not in the list of winners, for this edition, but they are in the list of essential extensions for webmasters.

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