Firefox extensions that improve the user experience

After selecting Firefox extensions dedicated to Webmasters, here is the list of best extensions for the Net surfer.

Merging articles subdivided into several parts

Often, even if the user finds interesting an article, when he sees at the bottom of the article: Page 1/5, he prefers to simply go away rather than "browse" web pages, a cut whose sole purpose is often to display more advertising ...
An extension, Auto Pager, allows you to be dispensed of that: It automatically merges all the pages in one! This also works with digg-likes, and most sites that contain a link: "continue" ... A nice job!

Get rid of annoying ads

... without jeopardizing the Web economy. Flashblock is an extension that prevents activation of the flash in a web and specially some noisy ads page and want monopolize the attention of the user.

Thumbnails of site as homepage

In practice, the front page of Chrome which presents as thumbnails the most visited sites, is very useful.
But to stay on Firefox (you can guess why... extensions) this feature may be added as well. This is done by Speed Dial.
Thumbnails may be created by drag and drop from bookmarks.

More extensions useful to any Net surfer...

InformEnter shows a small icon next to every input field in a web form, from where you can select in a list the data to be inserted without typing.

Forecastfox display weather anywhere, in a status bar.

Flashgot is a download manager.

Smart Bookmarks, by the M.I.T, for Windows only. Allows to bookmark not only static page, but pages that are obtained only by navigating on a website. Can store a password if it is required in the navigation process.

Statusbar display a bar of state of a download and thus replaces the window in a less intrusive way. Add also downloading functions.

Cloudlet display a tag cloud at top of results of search engines.

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