JavaScript developer's tools

Software and libraries designed to help application development JavaScript.

Code Mirror

JavaScript, HTML and XML parser that provides syntax hightlighing for an editor. It may be embedded into an IDE for Web application or a browser extension.

Apana Studio

Open source JavaScript and Ajax editor under the GPL License.
Includes the Jaxer library for interfacing applications with MySQL and allows to include third-parties Ajax frameworks such as JQuery too.

Closure Compiler

A JavaScript compiler by Google that optimizes and compresses the code for more responsive web applications.


An HTTP server, and other protocols, that interprets applications written in JavaScript. It is built on V8, the JIT compiler of the Chrome browser.
The interest seems to run JavaScript programs without a browser or to create networked Web applications such as a chat program.


If you know and have enjoyed the utility npmr included in Node that lets you install JavaScript packages, you could find in Jam an equivalent tool. The software installs on the user computer and includes the libraries stored on the site of Jam with the install command. This allows sharing of libraries like jQuery across multiple applications. Volo is equivalent but uses GitHub for storage libraries.
Volo require Node.js.

Compresses the JavaScript code to produce a lighter file to download.
Works from the command line or online in a site.


Makes a code more readable with automatic indentation, etc... You have just to copy and paste the code in the interface.

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March 22, 2013

OdinMonkey, JavaScript faster

This is the name of the implementation of Asm.js in Firefox. This subset of JavaScript allows applications to run as fast as C code or C++. It is expected in version 22 (and already in nightly build) you can write applications in these languages​​, convert asm.js with Emscriptem, and get the same execution speed as native code. It is an alternative to Google's Native Client.

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