JavaScript Games

JavaScript is becoming a language for games, a trend that will intensify with the emergence in 2008 of fast compiled JavaScript.
Examples of free implementations of classic games, in pure DHTML, or with Ajax, Canvas, WebGL and graphics libraries such as Three.js.

3D City

3D City

Made in JavaScript (in strict mode!), uses WebGL for 3D rendering, it is an online version of the classic game Sim City, as easy to use and with the same animations. The game may be saved.


World Of Solitaire

Using the graphical library of Yahoo, offers a series of solitaire card games. Nive creation. Loading is long enough.
All browsers.


Implementation of this classic game of PCs in DHTML. An action is choosen from the list of icons and is moved with the mouse over a character.
All browsers.


Old implementation in pure DHTML of the arcade game, works on all browsers. Includes a level editor.


Another classic spacial arcade game of skill.
(Site now closed).

Mario Kart

Driving simulator. The screen is very small initially but we can change the size. The game is fast, fluid even in wide screen.


Simulation game where you lead the life of a villager, you need to manage it according to your resources and you may choose to build your house.
We must register to try the game.
All browsers.


Works on Canvas.

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