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Wed, 17 Jun 2009 00:00:48


Hi , I want to use multi forms in lightbox but i can't use. For Example :
Link1 | Link2  | Link3 | Link4 
When i click Link1 it's must be come a form with lightbox. When i click Link2 it's must be come a different form with lightbox. I want to use 4 different form in one page and with lightbox. All Link's Forms must be different form. Example : For Link 1 : Name EMail telephone For Link 2: Name Surname Email Address Telephone Can u help me please. thanks
Tue, 23 Jun 2009 16:18:14


Hello, I you want use 4 forms on the same page, this should be possible with the same lightbox, opened with different contents. The content could be moved into the container before to be displayed. I believe the best way is to embed four lightboxes (four <div> containers) with a form inside for each, in the page. The boxes must have different IDs so the JavaScript code will be used with the different boxes. The problem is that the script if built with one box in mind. The 'box' ID should removed and a box variable added to arguments as above:
function openbox(formtitle, fadin, box)
  var box = document.getElementById(box); 

  var btitle = document.getElementById('boxtitle');
  btitle.innerHTML = formtitle;
	 gradient("box", 0);

// Close the lightbox

function closebox(box)
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