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Ajax & HTML 5


W-L-M - Open source
Ajax source code for a chat service.

Ajax frameworks

W-L-M - Open source
Client-side and server-side libraries.
See also: JavaScript libraries. Specialized librairies to extend the language and add widgets.

HTML 5 frameworks

Win/Lin/Mac - Open source
Comparison of the most popular frameworks, mainly Angular, React and Vue.js. Other more specialized libraries are also described.
On the site you will also find a comparison of game engines.

Best programming tools

Visual Studio Code

Win/Lin/Mac - Open source
Full and fast code editor. Includes lint functionality for immediate correction of syntax errors for many languages and of course syntax highlighting.


All system - Open source
IDE destined to Java, PHP and C++. The design is nearest that of Visual Studio than that rather intricate of Eclipse. Two servers are integrated, Apache and Glassfish, to execute locally web scripts.
Written in Java.

Advanced Editor

Win/Lin/Mac - Open source
Multi-languages editor with viewer for HTML and Markdown code. Can store the files in a database. Very easy to use and to access a part of code.
Based on Electron and Ace. Electron is not included, if present on you computer, it is used directly.

Inno Setup

Windows - Open source
Full installer generator, makes compact archives. Pascal sources provided.


Generates docs from comments in sources.

Tools for webmasters

Ara RSS Editor

Open source
Online, easy to use, RSS editor for generating the feed of your website with selected articles.
On the same site, see also Bioloide, RSS Reader (a PHP function) and Common Reader. You have also tools to synchronize a local repo with a site and check broken links.

Check Page

Check the HTML code of a web page.



Open source
E-mails manager.

Graphics and video


Pictures and movies viewer, for a lot of formats. But memory is quickly full.

Windows - Freeware
Drawing tools that resembles gradually to Gimp while retaining the simplicity of Photoshop. Supports layers, many filters, and the main image formats.
The function to draw arrows on a graph is a model of ergonomics.


Open source
Vector-based graphic editor using the SVG (Scalable vector graphic) format.
You can load SVG file in Gimp too.


Open source
Open source media center for all systems. Allows you to watch videos, listen to music and manage a repository over several storage units. More usable than the Windows Media Center.
See also VLC.

Sweet Home 3D

Windows - Open source
Home editor. Designed to build house from outline, and add pieces of furnitures, a library being provided for that along with the software.
A 3D view is obtained with just one command as well as the virtual visit.
10 minutes are sufficient to master the software and build its own house.
Since version 3.4 multiple floors are allowed.

Advanced Graphics


Windows - Open source
3D graphical editor, allow to draw images and design animations.


Win/Lin - Open source
3D scripting tool to build images by ray-tracing.



Archive manager, can create ZIP, BZ2, TAR, GZ archive. Can unpack CAB, RAR, ARJ, RPM.
Info-Zip est supported by all systems.

CrystalDiskInfo - Checking the health of a hard drive

Windows - Gratuit
This free software helps predict when a hard drive will fail. The "Good" state of health indicates that there is nothing to fear in the immediate future.
The two columns Current and Worst value are not very useful, it is column 5 which gives the crucial information. Go to the menu Functions -> Advanced functions -> Raw values and select 10 [DCE]. You will then have in the Raw values column the read error rate, the number of reallocated sectors, and the number of unstable sectors. A value other than 0 should prompt you to replace the disk for security.
Its companion, CrystalMark evaluates the performance of a hard drive or SSD.


Windows - Free
This software gives you information on the performance and characteristics of the material.

CD Burner

Windows - Free
CD-Rom and DVD burner. See at the list of supported hardware on the site. Try a rewritable disc first.


Windows - Free
Offered as freeware, provides essential information on the hardware and system software on your computer and makes benchmarks.

Win2-7 Pack

Linux - Free
For the Gnome desktop, this theme makes Linux looks just like Windows 7 and ease to switch from Windows to Linux without trouble.

Unix Tools

Open source
Windows versions of command line tools from Unix.
GOW is another similar tool.

See also:



Open source
LibreOffice ( is a free office suite that includes an HTML Wysiwyg editor. It is a word processor, a database manager, spreadsheet, and drawing tool.
Can save documents as PDF or in lightweight HTML files. Compatible with Word and MS office.
The last 3.5.4 version improved the speed dramatically.



All - Freeware
Deposition of art, provides developers with all the free graphics to make games. The site with Mozilla organizes the Liberated Pixel Cup, a competition to achieve the best free game with these graphics objects.

More tools

Win=Windows, Lin=Linux.

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