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Firefox without XUL?

One comes to Firefox with an HTML 5 interface again. In fact the browser in this case becomes a web page, Firefox.html! It is no seriously question of replacing the browser and thus to abandon XUL, this is just an experiment by an employee of Mozilla. But the project whose code is available on GitHub might inspire developers for their future interfaces...
See screenshots of Firefox.html on GitHub.
December 11, 2014.

Update January 6, 2015. The project has been renamed Browser.html and moved to a new repository. The link has been updated.

The future of HTML 5 and beyond

The W3C CEO gave an outline of what is to come, now that HTML 5 has become a standard recommendation ...

HTML 5 is just the beginning, a web OS is booming ...
December 3, 2014.

How Mozilla is spending its money

The budget for 2013 has been published by the editor of Firefox. Reported revenues were of $ 314 million of which 85% came from Google in return for being the search engine of the browser.
197 million are spent on software development: Firefox and the JavaScript compiler, Firefox OS, programming languages... Apparently the developers are well paid.
46 million are used to promote the brand and its products! 30 million for general and administrative expenses. This leaves a profit of 20 million...
We have to wait until 2016 to know what the partnership with Yahoo (in 2015) will bring, unless there is some leakage before...
November 22, 2014.

Firefox and Google: the separation

The search engine in Firefox was Google for 10 years, in exchange for the sponsorship of Mozilla. Discussions were underway for a renewal and... lead to a partnership with Yahoo for 5 years!
Three years ago, it was Bing who had disputed the place so Google had mounted the auction.
In 2010, Google paid $ 77 million for the year and a three-year deal in 2011 worth 300 million dollars (250 million euros). It was mainly for not letting Bing take the market that Google had outbid. This time again Google was willing to renew the partnership, but Yahoo gave more freedom to Mozilla and in particular allowed searches without the use of personal data (such as previous pages visited). Yahoo also promises a new tool for search from December.
In Russia it is Yandex that replaces Google as default search engine et Baidu continue to be the default search engine in China. In other countries, Google remain the default option with nothing in return.
Reference Mozilla.
Reference Yahoo.
November 20, 2014.

HTML 5 is a recommendation

Was expected for 2020, but it happens earlier. HTML 5 is now a recommendation. Version 5 will not change for the W3C. The previous recommendation HTML 4.01 dated 1999!
There is already a 5.1 version in development however, and the WHATWG version that evolves continuously.
The existence of two versions creates a conflict, WHATWG blaming the W3C for "copying" is work! The first would want the second recognize it as a standardization body and refers to its work as such. Actually WHATWG's editors worked together on the W3C and WHATWG version from 2008 for several years.
The problem is mainly due to the URLs of the specification, the W3C favoring its own documents, even if there is link somewhere to the WHATWG site.
Besides this need for recognition, there is a conflict on the mode of operation. The WHATWG is in phase with publishers of browsers which add functions continuously, while the system of versions of the W3C is best suited for companies that need to rely on well-defined standard for interoperability.
The W3C version also has a key role because of the involvement of major players in the Web and their commitments, it guaranteed the total absence of patent on the HTML code, and thus the freedom to use it without any fear.
October 28, 2014.

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