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JavaScript, the language of reactive programming?

RP is a simpler approach to programming. It is not really new since it is the same principle that operate spreadsheets and this goes back to 1961, but with frameworks such as React.js, created by Facebook, it finally gets the popularity it deserves. Extensions are created for most languages ​​including C# from Microsoft.
In the Scriptol language, it becomes even easier since we do not need to add extension: the language support reactive variables, whose value is updated whenever the variables on which they depends are also changing. Creating HTML 5 interface become more intuitive since the scriptol compiler produces JavaScript code. JavaScript due to its portability is essential, despite its many flaws, but they are gummed when using another language in front-end and the list of languages ​​that are compiled into JS never ceases to expand. The addition of RP makes it even more essential.
September 24, 2014.

jsDelivr, a service for webmasters

Inspired by the CDN (Content Delivery Network) service from Google that is to allow sites to include JavaScript libraries and fonts from its servers, two enterprise, MaxCDN and CloudFare offer their version, free and infinitely larger ...
Because anyone can add its own library to the list via GitHub ... Developers can therefore offer their JavaScript framework to include directly into a page from the network the project specially designed to cope with the load and all eventual attacks through the transfer of traffic between servers around the world ...
The announcement...
March 19, 2013.

A standard for all applications to communicate

This data exchange standard between applications, called OData is a specification made by Oasis, an organization that works for standard communications.
The OData specification 4 has support for many big companies, including Red Hat, IBM, Microsoft.
The new standard provides a communication architecture of REST type to create Web services and applications that can communicate with other applications and devices, including mobiles.
And it also provides a data format based on JSON, which is the container of data that applications would exchange. It can be used with any programming language.
So an Android phone can use data from an online service from Microsoft, and send them to a social network to a user displays them on his personal wall.
March 18, 2014.

OData JSON standard. For data. It is an alternative to XML, faster to process, but XML is better suited when the data should be read by humans.
OData version 4. For services.

Mozilla refuses to move in the Metro

Although it worked for months to develop a version of Firefox for the Modern UI interface on Windows 8, whose codename Metro is still used, Mozilla has decided not to distribute this version or continue to develop it.
The reasons are many. A major development work for a not so popular platform. Closed platform while Mozilla works to promote free and open products. And lack of interest of testers for Firefox on Metro.
Besides that, to put a browser in an interface that can run itself in a browser, as demonstrated by ChromeOS does not make too much sense, even if Microsoft considers this the greatest finesse. And serving its financiel interests also since it takes a percentage of the revenues of Metro applications.
In short, on Windows 8, you can use Firefox in desktop mode, and if desired, why not use a tiled interface as Tiloid in the browser?
March 15, 2014.

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