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The HTML browser is here... but comes from Microsoft!

It is ultimately not Mozilla which will replace Xul by HTML, for the moment, but Microsoft which offers a browser written in JavaScript, HTML and CSS and it is open source, available on GitHub under the name JSBrowser.
The rendering engine is written in native code, it is EdgeHTML used by the Edge browser.
August 29, 2015.

New architecture for Firefox in project

After the Firefox experiment with HTML 5 interface, Mozilla actually is thinking about changing its interface language. In a note of July 6, the abandonment of XUL and XBL is clearly mentioned. The goal is to build Firefox only with Web technologies, which have more resources because of their wide implementation, unlike XUL. Currently we do not even know what interface will replace it in Gecko. HTML 5 or native widgets like on Android? It will require a lot of time before this transition happen.
Because one does not even evokes Servo, the new browser under development, there are chances that it never exists as such: it will rather be the new Firefox rewritten in another programming language. But that's for a future even more distant.
July 7, 2015.

Firefox without XUL?

One comes to Firefox with an HTML 5 interface again. In fact the browser in this case becomes a web page, Firefox.html! It is no seriously question of replacing the browser and thus to abandon XUL, this is just an experiment by an employee of Mozilla. But the project whose code is available on GitHub might inspire developers for their future interfaces...
See the Firefox.html project on GitHub.
December 11, 2014.

Update January 6, 2015. The project has been renamed Browser.html and moved to a new repository. The link has been updated.

The future of HTML 5 and beyond

The W3C CEO gave an outline of what is to come, now that HTML 5 has become a standard recommendation ...

HTML 5 is just the beginning, a web OS is booming ...
December 3, 2014.

How Mozilla is spending its money

The budget for 2013 has been published by the editor of Firefox. Reported revenues were of $ 314 million of which 85% came from Google in return for being the search engine of the browser.
197 million are spent on software development: Firefox and the JavaScript compiler, Firefox OS, programming languages... Apparently the developers are well paid.
46 million are used to promote the brand and its products! 30 million for general and administrative expenses. This leaves a profit of 20 million...
We have to wait until 2016 to know what the partnership with Yahoo (in 2015) will bring, unless there is some leakage before...
November 22, 2014.

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