Tools for HTML 5 and Canvas

List of tools, frameworks and scripts for working with formats supported by modern browsers including Canvas, SVG, CSS 3.


SVG interpreter working in Canvas. It parses an SVG file and displays the result in Canvas.
It is mainly a format conversion tool, you lose the integration into the DOM, but you get more conpatibility, especially on mobiles.
MIT License.


A library of functions to display graphs in the canvas tag. There are many Canvas chart libraries, but Rgraph seems the most complete.

See also Flot which is  easy to configure.

Swiffy, by Google

Online tool to convert Flash SWF files into formats of modern Web:
- ActionScript is converted to JavaScript.
- Flash code to SVG, CSS3 and HTML 5.
It is partial and work mainly on Webkit.

CSS tools

CSS 3 generator

Online tool to generate automatically CSS code from a form. The compatibility with browsers is displayed. Once the code generated you have just to cut and past it into your page.

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