HTML 5 Specifications

Several Web actors called for it, including Microsoft, which is yet unwilling to implement it, the HTML 5 specification must be divided into several documents with different authors.

It must be remembered that there are no plans to finalize the new Web format before 2012 and that recommendation should be declared in 2014. Originally it was for 2020 but W3C changed its mind.

It was announced officially by the WHATWG, it will now develop freely HTML in any independence from the W3C which is confined to a fixed version called HTML 5. The free HTML will be developed every day in response to requests from browser vendors without waiting for the approval of the W3C.
This will not really change the life of webmasters who already use the new features only when they are implemented by major browsers.
Ian Hickson no longer maintain W3C version and now focus on the free HTML.

The author of the current specification, Ian Hickson, appealed to authors and proposes that the following elements become separated specifications...

Other parts:

  1. Canvas 2D.
    Adding new features to the API.
  2. Canvas 3D.
    Defining the API. Seems to be achieved through WebGL.
  3. UndoManager.
    Manager for undo and redo.
  4. DOM interfaces.
    Defining HTMLCollection and other lists.
  5. Stylesheet DOM.
    Define an API stylesheet alternative.
  6. HTML 5 rendering and user agents behavior.
  7. Interactions events.
    Interaction from the user: mouse, keyboard, with DOM events.
  8. URL.
    Management of URLs and addresses errors.
  9. Contents-Types.
    Handling errors on the types of content.
  10. Platform core.
    Contexts of navigation and scripts.

The document cited above indicates what is expected of a specification author.

Will this division of labor going to accelerate the standardization of the format? If the new authors are so industrious that have so far been the authors of the window object, it is doubtful.

Specifications already separated

Note that HTML 5 has already experienced such a division, as some previous parts had been made separate.

The following documents are developed separately:

We are still far from achieving the objectives set.


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