Applications and games on Canvas

Which applications for HTML 5 Canvas? Some examples to show the possibilities...

These JavaScript scripts can work only on Canvas compatible browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari. Not on IE. Click on the image for the demo.

Crystal Galaxy game

Crystal Galaxy

Horizontal board game with sound (which sometimes lack in HTML 5).

Angry Birds

The game of launched projectiles, represented by birds that was a great success on mobile phones is now implemented on canvas and works with the Chrome browser, and a user account.

3D Maze

The code of a 3D maze is given in example on the manual at Mozilla, and some improvements has been added to it here.
Amazing, the return of Castle Wolfentein in JavaScript!

The full Wolfenstein 3D game is also available in the browser.

Free Civ

An implementation of the Civilisation game on Canvas, running online in single or multi players.

Quake II

Using the 3D graphics library WebGL, so OpenGL, HTML 5 audio and localStorage, significantly faster than Doom, with 60 fps announced.


A platform game similar to old 2D games from Apogee, less the appeal of sceneries.

Lightning effects

With Javascript and Canvas, lighting effects based on the Phong shading are applied on an image. The area on which we move the mouse illuminates.
To achieve the effect, two textures of the same image are used, one containing the forms, the other colors.
The source code is available.

Démonstrations and code source

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