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Terms you must know to use Cascading Style Sheets.


Graphic element associated with a list of items formatted by the descriptor li.
You can remove the bullet and align the list with this descriptor:

li { padding-left:12px; }


Styles are cascading, meaning that you can refine a rule already defined, by overloading a style or adapt it to a context.
For example, if you define a style for the <a> tag, you can change the definition when this tag is contained in a table with the "<table> <a>" rule .

The order of statements is important. A new rule in a single file or afteran imported file, supersedes the previous one for each property defined in the new rule.


List of statements which each associates a value to a property:

color: black; 

Font stack

It is the list of fonts who is assigned to the font-family property:

font-family: { Helvetica, Arial, sans } 


It is the length of lines of text. It is defined with the width property of the container.
The space between lines may be defined also by the line-height property.


Designates an element in the page which is associated with a descriptor. The element can be an HTML tag, an identifier, a class. This can be a generic CSS selecteur.


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