CSS compatibility in Internet Explorer 6 and 7

List of rules and CSS attributes that do not work in Internet Explorer 6 or 7.


The immediate descendants. It works in IE8. In IE7 it works unless there are comments in the tag.
Adjacent selectors with the + sign. Same restriction for IE7, this does not work if a comment is inserted.
Same for the descendants of an element with the symbol ~.


The combination of classes give properties to the class y when the element is also part of the class x.

input [name]

The attribute selector is used to apply a rule to the tag only when the designated attribute is explicitly defined in the tag.
Much more for the selection of a certain attribute value, such as:

input [type="button"] 


Only works with the <a> tag.

x: first-child

Does not work with IE6.


You can not designate when an element has focus.

:before and :after

You can not designate a content before or immediately after an element.

min-height, min-width, max-height, max-width

Are not supported. The height property works as min-height and width as min-width.


A positioning independent of the current viewport is not possible in IE6. It is the same for the screen:



Not supported by IE6 and IE7 display.


Define a space between table cells. Supported from IE8 only if a DOCTYPE is defined.


Request to display empty cells. As border-spacing.

clip:rect(0, 0, 10px, 20px)

Operates from IE 7 when values are separated by a space. If they are separated by a comma, which is consistent with the standard, this only works with IE 8.

Other properties

Not supported also by IE6 and IE7: orphans, widows, page-break-inside, outline, counter-increment.

Property values

Not supported by IE 6 and IE 7:

Among other differences in IE 6 compared to standard

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