Ajax can it make a site difficult to use?


If a dynamic Web page is enhanced with the use of Ajax, users may they have problems using this page?

Short answer

Ajax itself raises at least one problem, which is that the back button can not function sometimes. Moreover, since it involves JavaScript, functions of the page will be neutralized if JavaScript is disabled, but it is a disadvantage of a general nature.
The webmaster must weigh the benefits of the asynchronous mode, and these disadvantages to choose whether to use Ajax.

Long answer

User benefits

Ajax makes the interaction with the server smooth thanks to the asynchronous mode: it is possible to load data without reloading the page.
So a Web application runs as a local application.

Disadvantages for the user


Ajax must be used wisely and not systematically. Dynamic content should represent a small portion of the page and preferably some purely aesthetic elements.

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