Ajax can it evolve?


What can we replace in the technology and remain in Ajax? If we replace JavaScript by another language, is it always Ajax?

Short answer

The term Ajax is a set of standard techniques for creating dynamic pages, but it coexists with other techniques such as iframes and other technologies to exchange data with the server, and they are different things.
A key aspect is the quality of being a standard. Replacing JavaScript with another language, would lose that status in Ajax.
However, technologies that make up Ajax are evolving and thus it must evolve too.

Long answer

The question is often asked whether Ajax can use another client-side language that JavaScript, therefore whether we are still in Ajax with another programming language.

As defined in the article by J.J. Garrett, Ajax relies on JavaScript, because it is standard and works on all browsers. There are other client side languages, but applications that use them do not have this quality, we can not talk about Ajax in this case.

Evolution of Ajax is in fact inevitable because Ajax is a combination of technologies that themselves are improved over times:

Ajax does not therefore designate something rigid, even if we stick to components originally described in the article by J. J. Garrett (see link below).

Finally, Ajax is replaced by a more powerful protocol, WebSocket, allowing interactions between client and server at the initiative of either party. However, the XHR object does not become obsolete and remains useful on dynamic pages whose changes depend only on the user.

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