Install and run your XULRunner application

Instructions to create an application XUL Runner can run under Windows.
  1. Download the XULRunner runtime for Windows.
  2. Get a sample application, there is one inside the XULRunner archive.
    |___ chrome
              |___ content
                       |___ myapplication
              |___ locale
                       |___ en-US
                                |___ myapplication
              |___ defaults
                       |___ preferences

  3. Put your XUL and RDF files into myapplication\chrome\content\myapplication\

  4. <?xml-stylesheet href="chrome://global/skin" type="text/css"?>

  5. Eedit the four following configuration files:
      • pref("toolkit.defaultChromeURI", "chrome://myapplication/content/myapplication.xul");
        Be aware that "myapplication" before "content" is not a folder. You may have a directory for your application in content if there are several applications:
      • content myapplication content/myapplication/
      • locale myapplication en-US locale/en-US/myapplication/
      • locale DTD for foreign languages may be found on Mozilla.

  6. Run your XUL program at command line or from within a Windows's icon: